Mixtape.moe, and other pomf.se clones offer a really simple way to easily upload your images to the internet. Since they are open source, it is also dead simple to set it up on your own server to use as a sort of "imgur clone." The upside to this is having full control of your content. If you need to delete a file, it is as simple as a rm command.

You'll need a web server with php, php-mysql, and a database. For this installation I used nginx with mysql on Ubuntu 16.04.

First off, you need to clone the Mixtape.moe code from https://gitgud.io/Sapphire/mixtape.moe/. To do that simply enter:

git clone https://gitgud.io/Sapphire/mixtape.moe/

Now that it created a directory for mixtape.moe, we can create the database to use it. Login to mysql and enter:


Replace myfilehost with whatever you want your database to be called and quit mysql. Now we can navigate into includes/settings.inc.php in the mixtape.moe folder that was cloned to edit the settings. First off, replace host with whatever IP your mysql databse is running at, most likely the default Next, replace dbname with what you configured in the previous step and enter your mysql username and password from when you installed mysql. Then, change the value of POMF_FILES_ROOT to where you want your uploaded image to be. I'm setting it to /var/www/html/files/, you can configure it to be any directory you want. For example:


// PDO socket
// Or using socket would be even faster then :3
define('POMF_DB_CONN', 'mysql:host=;dbname=myfilehost'); 
// MySQL user and password
define('POMF_DB_USER', 'mysqlusernamehere');
define('POMF_DB_PASS', 'mysqlpasswordhere');

// Root location of files
define('POMF_FILES_ROOT', '/var/www/html/files/');
// Maximum number of iterations while generating a new name
define('POMF_FILES_RETRIES', 15);
// URL to prepend to output (include trailing slash)
define('POMF_URL', 'https://myurl.com/files/');

$doubledots = array_map('strrev', array(


Now you can move the contents of your mixtape.moe folder into /var/www/html (or wherever you are hosting this). You'll be able to access it and upload images if everything was configured correctly. Do note that you'll have to edit links of mixtape.moe to reflect your current site. From here you can customize the look and feel of your clone however you want to.

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